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To build high, you have to dig deep

Internet usage has tremendously grown over the past year. 90% of data has been created in the last 3 years. This large volume of data is available for companies and today, only 12% of it is actually analysed.

All these data needs to be meticulously and carefully analysed in order to have very well targeted marketing campaigns.

Big Data allows you to get access on real-time to colossal databases. It can come down to the following 3V: Volume, Velocity and Variety.

  • Volume: data volume processing (terabytes and petabytes)
  • Velocity: real-time data analysis in less than a second
  • Variety of data: data analysis of divers data (any type of formats)

Satisfying the necessity of creating deeper value, Big Data is expected to grow exponentially in the future due to the technologies rapid evolution.


Big Data: a gold mine for successful marketing campaigns

Big Data is usually seen as a digital marketing development and e-commerce concept in order to face the eruption of data volume. It aims to offer an alternative to the traditional solutions in terms of data base and analysis. Mastering Big Data is therefore a strategic challenge for brands which have the opportunity to use this massive volume of data generated online efficiently.
Moreover, brands better get interested in better understanding this profusion of information and understanding their functioning in order to improve their digital actions’ ROI.
Anyways, Big Data presents itself as a real opportunity to gain knowledge about new data types and content, thus making your business more agile.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, supports you in this crucial step which is to anticipate your target behaviour and needs to help you predict future trends.

Big Data: a great economic potential to grab

According to studies done by the Boston Consulting Group, personal data values could represent over 1,000 billion euros in Europe only by 2020.

A true wealth for brands! Data accumulating allows you to have a thorough knowledge of consumers, in particular on their behaviour and their intentions to buy.
In this context, intelligent data mining appears to be an unavoidable requirement for advertisers to obtain accurate information about their consumers' profiles.

To efficiently exploit data, it is important to treat them individually and then segment those using mathematical algorithms before deploying custom actions in real-time.
Depending on your target and your objectives, our agency has a renowned expertise in this area thanks to its advanced technological arsenal.

We allow you to anticipate your consumers’ needs before sending them the right message, the right to the right person and get an immediate ROI.

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