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Eminence, your web agency in Dubai, takes care of the management of your emailing strategy: an essential lever to guarantee the best possible return on investment.
Email campaigns, if used correctly, are very effective digital marketing levers.

At Eminence in Dubai, we assure you the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns, thanks to our marketing, and content strategy experts who can advise you on the course to be taken.
Our experts build your emailing strategy according to your needs and objectives. We create the design, personalized content with attractive pictures, information, and a high level of clearness and we also manage the sending of your emails afterwards.
Our emailing platforms guarantees you the safety of the database, the good opening rate by optimizing the content and assuring that your emails will not be classified as SPAM.


The emailing strategy stages implemented by Eminence

To assure the success of your email marketing strategy, we follow a clear and specific approach:

  • We authenticate your email marketing with powerful systems and tools.
  • We verify sender reputation with tools that allow us to know whether the email or IP address which the receiver uses is banned or not.
  • We set up a strategy which allows the progressive development of your reputation to gain credibility.
  • We send emails only to the willing subscribers.
  • We work the coding of your emails to improve deliverability.
  • We target a precise group of your customers by sending them emails with personalized content that is clear, and of quality.
  • We control the follow-up of your e-mails and the bounce rate.

What does email-marketing deliver?

Email marketing allows you to reach several goals:

  • Find new customers for your company
  • Retain, or develop loyalty of your current customers
  • Engage your customers and prospects through a special offers, an event, discount codes …
  • Demonstrate your expertise through the distribution of quality content.

Finally, to optimize the opening rate of your emails, we create emails adapted to various formats and messaging software. Also, Eminence integrates the responsive web design technology into its marketing email so that they are perfectly readable on mobile devices.



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