At the heart of your digital strategy lies first and foremost your website, but not only. Having a mobile app for your brand can represent a fundamental lever in your digital strategy, given the extraordinary increase in the use of mobile phones in our society.

Eminence, agency specialized in mobile application development in Dubai, designs and develops a mobile application for your business in order to provide an optimal experience to your prospects and clients.


Do you recall the first smartphone with a multipoint touch interface released by Apple in 2007? This iPhone 2G might seem prehistoric to us today in terms of design and functionalities, but yet at that time it was the starting point of a technological revolution that is still in motion today.

Indeed, since that moment, the technological progress has kept on being more impressive year after year, with an increasingly intense competition on the market and constantly new models integrating updates.

Today we can claim without a doubt that a smartphone really is a smart mobile phone, which assists us on a day-to-day basis. If you forget it at home, it's almost as if you've forgotten something vital... you feel kind of lost. No contacts, no agenda, no Internet, no social networks, no music, and many other features that you won’t be able to enjoy for the rest of the day.

It is therefore clear that a smartphone is not only a device allowing to communicate, but a real toolbox full of functionalities, and among them, applications giving access to lots of additional features.

A mobile application is a software designed for a mobile device (Smartphone, tablet) that meets specific requirements, such as access to information, convenience or time saving.

In terms of digital strategy, the development of a mobile application will provide a promising access to your company by allowing you to establish a link between your brand and your target audience. This will allow you to increase your visibility, your notoriety, as well as your turnover.

Our agency of mobile app development in Dubai fully comprehends the importance of this technology and is a specialist in the elaboration and implementation of mobile marketing strategies. The experts of our agency of mobile app development company design applications for you in order to guarantee a high quality presence.


Before you can begin to develop your application, you must first define a mobilization strategy for your projects and determine objectives. This will concern, for example, equipping your salespeople, adapting your e-shop or developing your brand's mobile application.

Once the challenge has been set and your objectives fixed, our company of mobile app development in Dubai gives you the opportunity to create your mobile platform in line with your clients' usage profile:

  • Native application: developed for all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and downloadable on App stores.
  • Web application: website in mobile format
  • Hybrid application: web application made available on App stores.

All our mobile applications ease the navigation experience for mobile users while providing emotion and pleasure, all to offer an optimal user experience (UX).


As mentioned above, smartphones have more and more functionalities, the use of these devices has become fundamental for lots of individuals. That's why having a mobile application of your enterprise can be a great opportunity with many advantages.

Indeed, collaborating with our company of mobile app development in Dubai will have the primary benefit of making you more accessible to your clients. They tend to have their phones at hand at any moment of the day, so they will be able to access information or products more easily and quickly through your application, thus facilitating their user experience.

On the other hand, a mobile application gives you the possibility to sell through a supplementary channel the products displayed on your website, and therefore, to significantly boost your revenues through the personalisation and simplification of your client's purchasing experience.

Furthermore, a mobile application gives you the opportunity to use new tools, such as geolocation for example. This enables adapting the language of the content to the location or launching a targeted promotional offer to encourage people to buy.

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