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The importance of mobile marketing & advertising

In 2015, 49.7% of the world population uses smartphones, 4 out of 5 mobile internet users access the internet daily with the use of tablets, and this number is increasing.

Mobile marketing thus became a priority for companies among which 87% plan to increase the investments in their mobile offering.



Eminence, your mobile marketing agency in Dubai

With the massive use of mobile terminals, mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing.
That is why Eminence, your mobile marketing agency in Dubai, helps you to exploit numerous utilities supplied by mobile devices.
You want to increase your sales and to acquire new customers; mobile marketing represents the keystone for the success of your projects!

Eminence has chosen to dedicate a complete department to its navigation support in order to answer the current behavior of the consumers. Thanks to our mobile expertise, we develop services which allow you to reach your marketing goals.

Mobile marketing: an opportunity to be seized

Mobile marketing is growing, especially as applications, mobile optimized websites or mobile payments are ubiquitous in our daily lives.
In fact, brands know perfectly well that an effective marketing strategy has to take into consideration the influence of smartphone and it’s uncovering of a marketing perspective.
Moreover, it represents a very useful tool to simplify the consumer buying process, hence the need for retailers to exploit this opportunity for profit (increased traffic and in-store sales).
One has to note that mobile marketing establishes a major stake in the digital strategy of any company.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, helps you to integrate a mobile content marketing strategy in your digital communication.

Eminence offers you its expertise in mobile marketing

To answer your mobile marketing needs, Eminence offers two dedicated services:
Mobile web marketing:
we suggest that you set up diverse mobile communication actions, a mobile commerce strategy, as well as a mobile advertising strategies, such as Display Ads on application, display Ads on mobile, Pay Per Call Mobile, etc.

Mobile SEO:
Eminence will optimize your organic and paying referencing for mobile. Today’s world is more mobile, more than it has ever been. Do not hesitate to take the plunge and to embark on this vital trend that is mobile marketing, by trusting us to guarantee the success of your mobile marketing strategy.

Eminence helps you in the implementation of an effective mobile marketing strategy to grab the latest technologies in a constantly changing world.

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