The era of Business 4.0 is at hand for any enterprise that accepts the change to digitalization of the majority of its business. Digital is increasingly becoming part of any society's life cycle and if it is used adequately, it can provide an optimal experience to prospects and clients.

Eminence, your mobile app marketing agency, guides you in the elaboration of a mobile marketing strategy in order to boost your activity in the most efficient way possible.

The importance of mobile marketing

In 2019, 2.7 billion people are using a Smartphone and 4 out of 5 mobile users access the Internet daily. In addition, the use of tablets is constantly increasing.

Since m-marketing appears to be a priority for any business, increasing the investment in mobile offer is being considered by the majority of companies.

To be able to do it, contact Eminence, your specialist in mobile app marketing, who will guide you in this important project for your enterprise.



With an exponential growth in the use of mobile devices, m-marketing is thus thought to be the future of digital marketing. That is why Eminence, your mobile marketing agency, helps you take advantage of the many functions offered by these mobile devices. If you desire to be able to increase your sales and obtain new clients, having a mobile app marketing strategy is the key to the success of your objectives!

To do this, we recommend that you consult experts in this field. Eminence, your mobile advertising agency, has an entire department devoted to this navigation medium to respond to the current behaviour of consumers. Thanks to our know-how in mobile technologies, we develop mobile services for you to help you achieve your marketing objectives.


As you will have understood by now, mobile marketing is rapidly spreading. Whether as mobile applications, optimized mobile websites or mobile payment methods, mobile marketing exists in many forms and is omnipresent in our daily lives.

This is for this same reason that any company, regardless of the type of industry to which it belongs, knows perfectly well that today it is absolutely fundamental for it to include a mobile advertising strategy into its marketing strategy. For it to be efficient, it is important to consider it in its integrality and therefore to take into consideration the influence of the smartphone and its market opportunities from a marketing point of view.

Indeed, the latter is a very convenient tool to ease the purchasing process for consumers since it enables them to get instant access to information and products at any time, regardless of where they are located. With a well-developed mobile app marketing strategy, this represents a real chance for enterprises that want to make their business flourish even more, as it will enable them to increase traffic to their site, as well as in-store sales.

It must be said that mobile marketing is an important issue in the digital strategy of any business.

Eminence, your mobile marketing agency in Dubai, helps you integrate a mobile marketing strategy into your digital communication.


To meet your mobile marketing needs, Eminence provides you with two dedicated services:

Mobile web marketing:

We offer you to set up various mobile communication and m-commerce strategy actions as well as mobile advertising strategies such as Display Ads on application, Display Ads on mobile, Pay Per Call Mobile, etc.

Mobile SEO:

Eminence will optimize your organic and paid referencing for mobile.

Today's world is more mobile than ever. Don’t wait any longer and embark on this essential trend that m-mobile represents, and trust our mobile advertising company to ensure the success of your mobile marketing strategy.

Contact Eminence, your mobile marketing agency in Dubai, to help you implement a powerful m-marketing strategy that will allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies in a constantly changing world.


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