Case study

Bodyline center

130 contacts through SEO in 6 months

Bodyline Center

Bodyline is a slimming center located in the city of Geneva. It offers slimming treatments and programs to help clients lose weight quickly, to firm up their figure and feel in harmony with their bodies.



Get 35% of total conversions via SEO


Generate qualified traffic


Make SEO the main channel for traffic acquisition


Be in a top position on the main keywords of Bodyline

The strategy

The Bodyline Center website was created by Eminence in the summer of 2015. The SEO strategy had to be thoroughly thought out and implemented, from the construction of the site, taking the challenges that were set into account.

We divided our strategy into three areas: Keyword Strategy, Onsite Optimization and Offsite Optimization.

The definition of keywords was a crucial step for the success of the natural referencing strategy. A good keyword choice enabled us, among other things, to build a simple and efficient tree structure, organize content and write relevant articles that meet the direct expectations of Internet users.

Onsite optimization is achieved through technical optimization of pages: title tags, Meta description tags, simple URLs, redirections, images, load times, etc., and by optimizing content. This last point is one of the most important variables of the SEO. In fact, it is the content that explains to the search engines what your pages are talking about. We are therefore based on the keywords defined during the wording strategy and have ensured:

  • Number of keyword repeats
  • Using keyword variance
  • Header h1 - Title of the article
  • H2 / h3 / h4 - The headings
  • Alt attribute of images
  • Bold (<strong>)
  • Internal links with anchors

Concerning the Offsite optimization of Bodyline Center, we worked on the popularity of the site with a link strategy based on quality referral sites. This linking strategy has enabled Bodyline Center to be a referral site for search engines.

During all these phases, we carried out daily assessments to ensure that the SEO strategy worked correctly and to modify where needed, in case something did not work.