Emil Frey Geneva Acacias

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Emil Frey Geneva Acacias

Emil Frey Geneva Acacias is a franchise of the Emil Frey group. It is one of the leading players in the automotive industry in Geneva. Its professionalism and particular attention to the quality of its products and service have allowed the franchise to own a fleet of more than 100 cars of the BMW and MINI brand.



Develop e-commerce sales


Increase traffic to the site


Increase awareness of the franchise


Manage acquisition costs

The strategy

Emil Frey Geneva Acacias has called on us to realize the entirety of its digital marketing. The difficulty is to put in place a digital marketing plan to harmonize work on different digital services that we offer.

We started laying the foundations by working on a global digital strategy that can be used for the different services concerned (Web Development, SEO, SEA, and Social Networks).

Our strategic process is based on 3 steps:

  • The status quo: To realize, to know, and to understand the current state of the brand and the market in order to control them.
  • Positioning of the brand: Defining and clearly declaring the positioning of the brand,
  • Recommendations and action plan: Based on the previous steps, recommend a complete mix of content strategy, tools and channels, KPI. The whole is monitored in order to adapt or optimize the campaigns to reach the fixed KPI.

After defining the company's global digital strategy, we started by working on their first visibility tool: the creation of a website.

The e-commerce site of Emil Frey Geneva Acacias was conceived and designed to encourage the user to interact directly on his platform using call to actions and techniques enabling an excellent user experience.

In parallel to the development of the e-commerce site, our marketing specialists worked on the respective web marketing strategies of SEO (local and national), SEA (AdWords Search, Display, Remarketing, Video) and Social Networks (Community Management and Social Ads) to launch their campaigns from the launch of the site.

For launching the site, in parallel with the launch of the campaigns of the above mentioned strategies, we have launched contests (on the site and on social networks) in order to boost the acquisition of traffic and leads and make the new store known online.

This technique, known as Gaming, is used throughout the year in one-off campaigns or in targets of commitment of the Net surfers.