Case study



The J Club is a 360° health, fitness and wellbeing members club located in the Jumeriah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Cater to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), families and upscale locals in a luxurious setting with state-of-the-art facilities and a holistic approach. Offering an exceptional range of facilities to their target B2C audience in the UAE. Establishing local brand awareness is crucial to ensure they are instantly recognized as a luxury fitness and lifestyle brand. This was set into motion with Eminence by defining a clear visual branding, identity and style, establish a coherent and creative editorial line for the J Club’s social media.



How to stand out in an oversaturated market?


By communicating The J Club’s strong core values on social media


Using clear visual branding, identity and style, etablish a coherant and creative editorial line for the J-Club’s social media.


Establishing brand awareness to ensure they are instantly recognized as a luxury fitness and lifestyle brand.


Developing consideration from The J Club’s target audiences via organic social media



The Steps


  • Audited and market analysis of the completive landscape
  • Audience analysis to define target groups and their brand expectations
  • Developed communication axes in line with the brand
  • Established The J Club’s brand positioning and a clear tone of voice
  • Set up a social media strategy that encompasses all the best practises on each platform
  • Published creative concepts on a daily basis
  • Created striking visuals and an aesthetic feed for social media
  • Created engaging, interactive and dynamic content on social media.
  • Created high quality content with on site photographer and videographer
  • Community building and community management
  • Monthly trend, analysis and recommendation report

Our Strategy

Eminence began researching and analysing the competitive landscape of The J Club. Auditing the direct competitors of The J Club on both a global and local scale. Eminence established the keys to launching a successful organic social media strategy.

First establishing a clear positioning of The J Club based on their core values, their key strengths and competitive advantages. Then, Eminence defined The J Club’s tone of voice, their key audiences and what their brand expectations were.

From this we derived a monthly calendar that highlighted the key needs of each audience. We worked on conveying both visually and through the copywriting the exclusive and expert nature of The J Club. It’s different facets of health, fitness and wellness where communicated a daily basis via social media.

To generate brand awareness in this new club, we created the geolocation on Facebook and Instagram as well as their own unique hashtag.

Our strategic, design and graphics teams worked on a monthly detailed social media planning that conveyed The J Club’s brand messages, vision and values. As there where a number of different values, Eminence’s graphic design team created an Instagram puzzle to allow multiple aspects of the club to be shown in one post for Social Media. For example juxtaposing relaxation with intensive fitness and incorporating a motivational quotes that resonate with The J Club’s lifestyle. Incorporating dynamic content such as videos, Insta Stories and animations into their organic social media. Bi-monthly our photographer and videographer would create high quality content on site of events, guest influencers and key facilities of The J Club.


Animation Example

  • Use of hero visuals
  • Echoing The J Club Logo throughout the visuals
  • The diagonal lines creates the illusion of movement
  • Incorporating the key brand color palette to create a grid that compliments the entire feed & creates a harmonious aesthetic.
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Using logo elements throughout the feed to link the experience to The J Club
  • Fusing various experiences and within a single post, highlighting their holistic approach.