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Paid search or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a quick way to acquire presence and notoriety on search engines.
The principle of SEA is simple; it is to buy keywords from the Google search engine through Google Adwords advertising network.
Moreover, paid search is also characterized by its sponsored links that produce a very short-term effect, while traffic increases significantly in the early hours of campaigning.
Eminence, digital marketing agency in Dubai, offers a dedicated team that builds and manages your advertising campaigns through Google (display, sponsored links).
We also take care of your retargeting campaigns to encourage people that have not taken action on their first visit to your website, to come back and finalize their purchase act or contact your company. Finally, we also ensure the management of advertising campaigns on various social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
We provide our know-how in SEA campaigns through the use of different techniques to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns.
Our mission is to help you build effective campaigns to generate more sales and leads (qualified contacts) and drive quality traffic to your website.


SEA: the key digital element of your marketing strategy

Paid search allows the advertiser to obtain a temporary optimal positioning of its website, thus having the opportunity to test their campaigns at modest costs.
To instantly reach a target, or promoting a new website to publicize its activities, the technique of paid search becomes essential.
Advertisers unanimously opt for sponsored links, in order to appear quickly in search engine results and reach a qualified target.
Knowing that paid search is accessible to all, the optimization and profitability of an Adwords campaign becomes complex for most companies, hence the need to seek expert who will ensure the raise your portal up to the first pages of the most used search engine in the world; Google search.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, assesses your first budget to implement an effective SEA strategy by positioning your company on very competitive keywords, so that it is present on key search requests relevant for your business activities.


Eminence, the ideal solution for implementing your Social Media Advertising campaigns

Social Media Advertising (SMA) means the advertising on the social networks and involves a set of the activities bound to the distribution of advertising content on social media sites.
Knowing that the distribution is made possible thanks to the Social Ads platforms (Ads Facebook, Twitter Ads, Ads LinkedIn, Instagram Ads), Eminence allows the announcers to parameterize their campaigns easily, while assuring the promotion of their content through social media.
A considerable source of visibility for companies and brands, advertising campaigns via social networks allows them to aim at a very specific target profiles, contained within a community.
In other words, SMA is an effective tool allowing you to target the internet users potentially interested in your products and services.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, allows you to target a specific audience for an advertisement, to optimize your return on investment.


The retargeting: essential complement to your marketing strategy

According to statistics, 95% of internet users leave an e-commerce site without going making an actual purchase. How to remedy this? Retargeting presents itself as the solution capable of responding to this problem successfully.
Having more impact than a simple online advertising campaign, retargeting delivers a highly targeted message and is intended primarily for users who have previously visited your site and thus are more likely to become customers.
Moreover, retargeting contributes to the significant increase in the conversion rate, particularly through the customization of banners displayed to the internet user that are interested in your products.
Our digital marketing experts have mastered this retargeting technique, and specific tools, making sure to highlight your brand over the competitors.


The various axes of retargeting proposed by Eminence

Retargeting allows for better targeting by showing ads only to users who have visited your website to boost your traffic, but especially your ROI.
Eminence proposes to introduce you to a retargeting strategy that can be broken down into seven areas:

  • Search retargeting
  • Website retargeting
  • SEO retargeting
  • Email retargeting
  • Retargeting by engagement
  • Social retargeting (via social networks)

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