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What is profiling?

Profiling is collecting users’ profiles data coming from their browsing behavior and various other existing sources of data.
Similar to tracking, profiling is more and more popular in marketing that aims to automatically collect personal data about website visitors.
It is not surprising that most active companies in the marketing field rely heavily on profiling to develop their activities.
Brands wishing to give your business offers related to your profile, no longer hesitate to use profiling to collect data related to your actions on the web in order to categorize you.
Making advertising more targeted and relevant to the targeted consumer allows brands to offer customers personalized offers while reducing the advertising pollution and offering only interesting content for the user.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, turns profiling into an effective tool that can improve your marketing processes, while, at the same time, enables you to build genuine relationships with your customers.

Optimizing ROI through profiling is possible

There is no doubt that profiling is a significant marketing asset for brands wishing to greatly improve their conversion and acquisition rates.Indeed, a better knowledge of your customers’ preferences would make it possible to setup offers specific to their needs, thus contributing to a considerable improvement of the customer's buying experience.

Eminence implements a digital strategy for your company based on the profiling technique, making sure to display personal offers to your target that will positively impact your ROI.

Eminence: first-rate competences in profiling

As mentioned above, profiling is an important approach to the contemporary marketing that allows you to offer products and services based on your customers’ own behavior.

To get these results, we provide you with a team of analysis and data understanding experts to guarantee you refined website user profile targeting in order to deploy an efficient web communication strategy, corresponding to your target expectations.

Our agency added value in terms of profiling

Thanks to the data collection and processing, Eminence your web agency in Dubai implements a targeted marketing strategy adapted to any company in order to segment your target and touch it with a specific, appropriate and personalized message.This communication strategy optimization will allow us to increase your conversion rate and your Return On Investment (ROI).

Our agency allows you to detect consumption profiles for each customer or prospect and create the best commercial offer likely to seduce your prospects.


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