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On average, 50% of web traffic comes from search engines, hence the importance of working on its positioning and visibility in the search results. Not only is it important to appear in results, but it is also essential to be on the first one page. In fact, 98% of the Internet users do not go further than the first page during their research. How can we reach this goal? The answer in two words:  “Search Engine Optimization".

Search Engine Optimization, your guide for a better positioning

The creation of a website is an essential stage for your digital strategy, but it is not sufficient. You need to reference your site so that it is visible to the internet users. The SEO is a strategy which consists of integrating the search trends of your target audience in your region, on the pages of your website. So, when users type these keywords, search engines on the Internet reveal the name of your company among the results of the front page. SEO seems to be a simple strategy. Nevertheless, the implementation of the latter requires respect for numerous criteria imposed by Google, a reflection on the long term as well as a regular follow-up in order to constantly be in line with the needs for your target.

Eminence, your SEO agency in Dubai

Optimizing the SEO will allow you to increase the number of visits and sales on your website. Within our agency specializing in SEO in Dubai, and with the help of SEO tools, we ensure that your website appears on the first page of search engines, thanks to natural positioning.

Also, the choice of keywords is very important for the SEO strategy. We create for you a keywords study according to information gathered on your site to establish a wording strategy. From the data of the UAE search engines, we identify the trends more relevant with regards to your sector and keywords most used by internet users in search engines.

Our method is based on the diagnosis of your website to detect obstacles to a good (SEO). Subsequently a policy is set to improve interaction with your audience.

SEA, a compliment to your SEO strategy

SEA involves the buying of keywords allowing your link to appear as sponsored at the top of the front page of search engine results on the Internet. Even if this strategy is paid, you have total control of your budget thanks to the Pay per Click method. Nevertheless, the SEA can only be effective if a good SEO strategy was implemented beforehand. The SEO grants you good positioning of your website on the long term, while
SEA grants you a punctual visibility to promote a service, promotions, new offers, etc. The combination between these two types of technique you will guarantee a good positioning of the website, will increase the traffic, and thereby improve the volume of your sales.



The international SEO, the essential tool for multinationals

For those who wish to launch internationally, our department specialized in SEO puts and international strategy in place for you, for example SEO campaigns in Europe or Asia. This operation requires advanced expertise and knowledge of various SEO techniques. Moreover, good translation skills and extensive knowledge of the linguistic peculiarities and cultural differences are essential for working an effective SEO.

Our SEO agency offers to widen your target by opening the world market to you, and by giving you the possibility to be visible wherever you desire. We optimize your website and increase your presence on various search engines on the internet by adapting strategies specific to the country, the market, the target, but also in the requirements of the various present search engines abroad, such as Baidu (China) or Yandex (Russia).

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