E-reputation is the global impression a brand has towards the online community.

A good e-reputation is worth a mint to stand up successfully against your competitors and to show credibility towards your audience.

EMINENCE, your digital marketing agency specialised in e-reputation, has a dedicated team with multidisciplinary skills to improve, protect and control your reputation on the Internet.


According to Forbes statistics, it has been proved that e-reputation has a high impact on your business revenue. Companies risk losing 22% of business when potential customers find one negative article on the first page of their search results (SERP) and according to Moz, four or five more negative articles or reviews about your company or product in Google search results can cost you 70% of potential new customers.

Digital marketing can be used for internet reputation control. The challenge with e-reputation is to spread a consistent brand image on every communication platform. An online reputation is built on brand content, consumers reviews and comments, rumours, … That information can be spread by the organization but also by consumers, followers, journalists, employees, or competitors. It is therefore important to monitor your e-reputation to maintain a positive sentiment towards your audience.

A well-established digital notoriety represents a competitive advantage as it reinforces the brand identity and confidence within your community. Confidence is a key element when speaking about transaction online. To assert your position on the digital market, start to build your e-reputation.


Thanks to an efficient monitoring system you will be able to foresight crisis as you can detect the first signals of emergency and therefore react consequently. Thus, to monitor your online reputation will allow you to retain your potential clients. If you have negative reviews about your company or products it is obvious that potential clients might prefer to go to your competitors. Therefore it is crucial to monitor these exchanges from close. Thanks to e-listening you can monitor these exchanges and be ready to interfere in the right moment and minimize the impact on your brand.

In order to improve the image of your brand it is also interesting to create a virtual space where your clients can deposit their reclamation and express their views. In addition the virtual space is a helpful tool for clients to find information about your product and services. The management of client views is a delicate mission and we recommend outsourcing it in order to minimise any eventual defects.

Eventually, the reputation in the SERP (the list of results that a search engine returns in response to a specific word or phrase query) is one of the components, which should be considered in order to have an impeccable e-reputation. In order to have a good SERP reputation, you have to use SEO practices. Our experts in SEO help you to enhance your referencing and your online reputation!


A specialized agency for your reputation management

Eminence is an agency, specialised in online reputation. We take care of boosting, protecting, maintaining and monitoring your notoriety on a long-term basis. Created by our web and communication experts, our specialized team will conduct you to valorise your online reputation over time.

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