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Eminence, your Social Media agency in Dubai

Eminence builds a social media marketing strategy for you combining a relevant choice of social media for your business, editorial schedule and a broadcast schedule corresponding to the behavior of your communities. We also define the marketing objectives you want to achieve, the KPIs that will measure your impact, your RONI (Risk of Non-Investment), etc.

Our goal is to guide and support you in your commitment to social visibility by implementing all the expertise of our social media agency in Dubai on these social platforms, thanks to our specific social networks tools.



Why invest in social media?

Nowadays, it is impossible for a company to ignore social media: it has become an essential and primary communication channel. Far from being a fad, it is above all the platforms to create a brand story by multiplying the points of contact with your target. The presence of a brand on social networks stems from a strategy that matches the established brand positioning. Our experts in social media strategy help you set this policy via an action plan so that your presence on social platforms brings you visibility, qualified traffic and conversions.

In other words, the impact of social networks will bring you success and notoriety, provided your exit strategy is carefully defined.

Eminence, digital marketing agency in Dubai, accompanies you closely in this process to allow you to engage your community and increase your online revenue.


Some key figures to convince you

We identify that 62% of companies using social networks for over 2 years have seen an increase in their ranking on search engines.
Furthermore, 64% of them saw the contact rate increase using social media less than 6 hours per day, while 62% of companies with fewer than 10 employees have proven that the use of social networks has reduced their marketing expenses.

To achieve your marketing objectives more effectively, our agency assists you in planning your social media strategy, and through the establishment of an editorial policy and marketing likely to engage your community.


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