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To build high, you have to dig deep

According to IDC, the data analysis market should reach a total of 125 billion dollars in 2018. Digital data analysis is, therefore, an important challenge for your organisation.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, helps you face this challenge and allows you to have access to data on different levels: descriptive data analysis, statistical data analysis and predictive data analysis, or more commonly named data mining.

Online activity and audience measurement tools are massively growing. Therefore, each company must measure data they collected on their website if they want to significantly increase their ROI.

In order to not miss the opportunities to optimise its online services, brands need to setup a relevant web analytics strategy.

Eminence collects and analyses all data coming from your website to make you benefit of reliable statistics and help you increase your web traffic and conversions.


What are the steps to do for an effective web analytics strategy?

There are numerous web analytics solutions companies can use to measure their performance such as Google Analytics, Webtrends and Digital Analytix. Therefore, companies can no longer ignore them.

The setup of a successful web analytics strategy needs a meticulous analysis of your traffic origin. It also needs to study your visitors’ online behaviour to extract relevant statistical data and help you get an accurate idea for your strategic decision deployment.

This is where Eminence shows up and identifies the most profitable traffic sources to optimise your website and marketing actions conversion rate.

Indeed, we define the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of your website and establish strategic objectives depending on them for your project success.

Thus, we define the actions to do in order to improve your website and marketing actions efficiency. This means numerous actions that will effectively improve your performances.

Thereby, installing an efficient web analysis tool such as Google Analytics is mandatory to collect and analyse a maximum amount of information.


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