"Dig deep to build high." In the area of marketing, this expression takes its full meaning, because without defining a solid strategy beforehand, your marketing actions will be pointless.

To be completely effective, your marketing strategy also needs a web analytics strategy that will help you to determine, among other things, your performance, opportunities and actions to be undertaken. Eminence, agency of web analytics services, explains you why data analysis is so important and how it functions.


Nowadays, the market of digital data analysis is continually expanding, and for the same reason, is a significant strategic challenge for your company.

Eminence, web analytics agency in Dubai, helps you cope with this challenge by giving you access to data at different levels thanks to its web analytics services: descriptive data analysis, statistical data analysis and, eventually, predictive data analysis, also called data mining.

In an era where the digital is becoming more and more prominent every day and where technology is continually progressing at a frantic pace, any organisation is obliged to analyse and measure the data collected on its website. However, in order to benefit the most from these data, it is strongly recommended to work with an expert in the field, such as our website analytics agency, Eminence. Indeed, our specialists will collect and analyse all the data from your website to provide you with reliable statistics, which will enable you to boost your web traffic, as well as the number of conversions.

Furthermore, it is not simply a question of performing data analyses. Indeed, it is also imperative for any enterprise to establish a relevant web analytics strategy, including marketing analytics and web SEO analytics among others. This will allow your company to optimize all its online services and therefore avoid spoiling the opportunities inherent to these. Contact Eminence, web analytics agency in Dubai, to guide you in this complex and vital procedure.


There are numerous web analytics services that your organisation can employ to measure the performance of its website, such as Google Analytics, Webtrends and Digital Analytix for example. You will therefore no longer be able to legitimize the absence of analysis of your website’s performance, since all the required tools are easily at your disposal.

However, the implementation of a successful marketing analytics and web analytics strategy requires a meticulous investigation of the origin of your traffic. Nonetheless, you will also have to study the online behaviour of your users in order to extract pertinent statistical information. This will help you later on to have a clear and precise vision of the required strategic decisions to be taken and deployed.

But how could you possibly achieve all of this, you might ask? This is where Eminence, web analytics agency in Dubai, comes into action. Indeed, our team's experts will work to identify the most fruitful traffic sources of your website in order to enhance your conversion rate and your marketing actions.

In order to do this, we will first determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your website, which will then enable us to establish strategic objectives to be achieved in order to successfully carry out your project.

The next stage will consist of defining the actions to be taken in order to refine the performance of your website and your different marketing actions.

Finally, the installation of a powerful web analysis tool such as Google Analytics for example, seems therefore crucial to be able to collect as much data as possible. This tool will also allow you to produce reports of performance and configure alerts in case of potential problems.

As a result, the procedure of elaborating an effective web analytics strategy does not appear to be an easy task. That is why we suggest you to contact our web analytics agency Eminence to support you through this process.

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