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Eminence, your website creation agency in Dubai

Eminence, your website creation agency in Dubai, creates scalable custom-made sites, adapted to the current technologies.

With our dedicated teams, talented web developers, web designers, referencing experts and strategists, we develop a website suitable to your requirements.

Always searching for the latest trends in design and evolution of user behavior, our agency optimizes the usability and architecture of each website created to meet the needs of the targeted markets.

We set up for you the following services to create a Professional web site which looks like you:

  • Strategic reflections
  • Web design
  • Web development: our team of web development builds your website using the following tools:
    Programming language: HTML5 / CSS3, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, ASP
    Framework: Symfony 2, Zend, CakePHP, and TYPO3
  • Training for the back end of your site: our experts offer a website that is completely manageable
  • Site Maintenance: we offer a maintenance service of your site, integrating the latest update of information, diverse back-ups, updating the security, archiving your data and updating your plug-ins among others.

The essential stages for the creation of a website

Firstly, the creation of a web site requires a strategic reflection so that your website is effective and delivers a real return on investment.
It is then necessary to create a design reflecting your graphic identity and positioning, especially because the look of your website is the first thing that your users will see. It is also through it that they are going to be able to recognize your brand.

To guarantee an ease of navigation and offer an excellent experience to your Internet users, the usability of your site is an important phase that needs excessive follow up.

It is important to establish a website structure which allows setting up a solid and effective strategy of organic referencing to ensure your visibility on the web.


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