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It is essential for any company looking to improve their website quality and increase their conversion rate to know the reason why their visitors left the website. Eminence use the latest technological tracking tools to collect and analyse data and, therefore, understand your visitors’ behaviour on your website or your mobile application.
By tracking your visitors, Eminence will also evaluate the overall behaviour in order to profile your visitors, analyse their reaction regarding your ad campaigns or your e-mail marketing campaigns.
In other words, tracking aims to record consumers’ behaviour related to the websites they visit and, subsequently, display targeted content to encourage them to purchase your products/services.
Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, has the objective to facilitate your visitors’ identification and their behaviour on your website.


Tracking, a necessity to target your audience

Realized in real-time or retrospectively, tracking is observing a user reactions and actions following its exposure to an ad or a marketing content (email, banner, commercial link, etc.) or following its navigation on a web platform (entering point, navigation path, exit page, etc.).

Tracking will be extremely useful to do efficient personalised campaigns, mostly for advertisers as they will know exactly how their target reacted to their ads.

Thanks to our web marketing experts, Eminence will help you analyse, anticipate and control your prospects behaviour online.

Our web agency is Google Partner. This partnership with Google was done to provide you with all its know-how and its technological tracking tools mastery to increase even more your ROI.


Eminence, your Web Tracking agency in dubai

In order to deliver, you will need to complete information on your visitors’ profile, we setup meticulous tracking based on keywords searched, first clicks on the web page and visitor path.
To help you reach your goals, we can use different web tracking techniques, such as: IP address tracking, web page tracking when the visitor is on your website, users’ navigation tracking or users’ navigation path tracking when they leave your website.

Thanks to the information collected with tracking, we will be able to adapt your digital communication strategy and optimise your online advertising campaigns.
Combined with good indexing, web tracking is a powerful tool that boosts your business.
As our agency is specialised in digital marketing, we are able to associate these 2 techniques and, therefore, offer you optimal tracking for a higher Return On Investment.

Be able to master your visitors’ expectations and offer them a personalised offer in real-time. Use our powerful technological tracking tools and ensure you will be able to convert your prospects into customers by learning about them.

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