"Dig deep to build high." According to this expression, in the area of marketing, any action will be futile if you do not establish a reasoned and solid strategy previously.

Eminence, agency of web traffic analysis in Dubai, helps you develop your marketing strategy thanks to its web analytics tracking tools, which are crucial elements for your digital strategy. You will be able to monitor, analyse and understand the behaviour of your visitors, and thus define certain types of profiles in order to be able to elaborate a targeted, appropriate and relevant communication strategy.


To ameliorate the quality of your website and increase your conversion rate, it is fundamental to understand why an Internet user leaves your site without taking any actions that will convert him into a client.

Eminence uses technological tools inherent to tracking in order to collect data about the behaviour of your website visitors and analyse this information in order to understand the actions of these users, so that we know what they are looking for on your website, and therefore be apt to improve it to meet their expectations.

Indeed, web traffic tracking makes it possible to study the behaviour of a visitor on a website or on a mobile application, observe the overall browsing behaviour in order to draw a defined profile, analyse exposures and reactions to advertisements, and analyse the reactions and actions of an Internet user after the reception of an e-mail marketing.

In other words, web analytics tracking aims to record the behaviour of a consumer related to the websites he visited in order to display afterwards targeted content to encourage him to purchase your products/services.

As a web traffic analysis agency in Dubai, Eminence aims to simplify for you the task of identifying your visitors and their behaviour on your platform.


Either carried out in real time or afterwards, web analytics tracking involves the observation and analysis of the reactions and subsequent actions of an Internet user following the exposure to an advertising or marketing message (email, banner, commercial link, etc.), or following his navigation on a web platform (entry page, navigation path, exit page, etc.).

In order to be able to carry out an effective personalized campaign, web traffic tracking is very useful, specifically for advertisers, although they must take into account the behaviour of individuals.

Thanks to the specialists of our agency of web traffic analysis in Dubai, Eminence assists you in analysing, anticipating and controlling the behaviour of your prospects so that you can then elaborate an effective marketing strategy through targeted, pertinent and personalized communication.

Moreover, our experts work closely with Google in order to benefit the most from its know-how, as well as its expertise of technological tracking tools, so that you can establish the most efficient communication strategy, allowing you to boost your business, and therefore raise your ROI.


In order to provide you with complete information on your users' profiles, our agency specialized in web SEO analytics performs a detailed SEO and web traffic analysis based on the keywords searched, at their first click on the web page and their visit itinerary.

To help you reach your goals, we provide you with diverse website tracking techniques, including tracking via the user's IP address, web page tracking when the visitor is on your website, user's navigation tracking, and user's navigation path tracking after leaving your site.

Thanks to the data gathered during this tracking process, we will be apt to adapt your digital communication strategy and optimise your online advertising campaigns. This will allow you to attain your prospects more efficiently and eventually turn them into customers at a later stage.

In addition, our specialists will combine web traffic tracking with web SEO analytics, since having a natural referencing strategy is a powerful tool that will help you boost your business. Indeed, once you have analysed which are the users that access your site and what they are looking for, you can then establish a keyword referencing strategy corresponding to the most frequent searches of previously identified users.

Collaborate with our web traffic tracking agency in Dubai to be able to control your users' expectations by offering them a customised offer in real time. Thanks to effective technological tracking tools, you will be able to turn your prospects into customers by getting to know them, which will ultimately boost your business and therefore raise your ROI.

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