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The marketing audit of a brand is an essential stage in the implementation of any marketing strategy, in order to reach the objectives and the expected results. In fact, there are audit tools that are indispensible for analyzing and defining good products and services that best meet the expectations of your customers. Eminence, marketing agency in Dubai, takes care of your strategic and operational marketing audits by making a meticulous current situation analysis that allows you establish a diagnosis of your previous strategic plan.

The strategic audit: A necessity to estimate the performance of your company

To obtain the big picture of our brand, it is important to conduct a strategic audit to reveal its main strengths and weaknesses to be able to select the right marketing tools. The strategic audit plays a fundamental role in supplying the insuring objective which protects the company against any obstacle and improves its performance. To estimate the relevance and the efficiency of the strategic choices of your company, Eminence takes care of your strategic audit, what will allow us to highlight the difficulties in order to find imperative solutions.

What we implement:

  • An analysis of the positioning and the objectives of the brand
  • A strategic analysis of the current strategy
  • An analysis of the strengths and weakness of your brand
  • An analysis of the opportunities and the threats which your brand has to face
  • An analysis of the micro- and macro-environment of the brand (analysis of the political elements, social, economic, technological, legal and environmental). Multiple analyses will be conducted as Eminence improves the marketing measures of your company, and allow you to make a consequent leap forwards from the drawn up reports.



The operational audit to analyze your concrete marketing measures

As the name indicates, we create an operational audit. It is to say marketing measures realized by the brand.
We thus analyze:

The website of the brand
The SEO strategy of the brand
The SEA Strategy of the brand
The contents of the brand
The social networks and the community management

So many elements are to be analyzed in order to diagnose your application of best practices for the current stage of your strategy; what needs to be eliminated, improved, and created.

Eminence, digital marketing agency in Dubai, assures you a complete diagnosis to provide you with optimization tips that will help you attract traffic to your web platforms, and consequently increase your income.


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